The Broad Perspective

Basic Income

December 2, 2016

This Friday on The Broad Perspective join Host, Vivian Komori and Greg Barnes as
they discuss:
Basic income is money an individual receives regardless of whether he or she works or not, sufficient to
meet our most basic human needs for necessities like food, water, shelter and clothing.  .  It's an amount
sufficient to keep us above the poverty line, not living lavishly, but basically.  And most importantly, it's a
stream of income independent of all other income that functions as a baseline.  It enables and never in
any way prevents, additional income.

  • What would be the effects on welfare?  Social Security?  Tax Codes?
  • Will the proliferation of AI (artificial intelligence) necessitate this provision?  
  • Will there be a need for minimum wage laws?  
  • Consumption vs. Production


  • India just went cashless.  What was the motivation?  
  • What is the convenience of a "Mobile Wallet"?
  • Citibank in Austria no longer accepts cash deposits.


  • The Fed is raising the rates in December will this mean another stimulus program?
  • Will this accelerate the hemorrhaging of the bond market?