The Broad Perspective

Debbie Caldwell and Gladys Vargas-Ruiz, The Child’s Power of Imagination

May 27, 2015

    Caldwell says live action in an art-inspired colorful set with Harry Pierre, a wise cat, and PeTunia, a diva dog, is mixed with narrative story-telling and picture-book illustrations.  Harry Pierre chooses a picture in his family’s art gallery and takes PeTunia and viewers on a journey using his imagination.    In The Beginning, it shows how Harry Pierre became part of the Puddlesworth family and the feelings PeTunia had to experience by relinquishing her position as being the only pet.  The duo also includes geography and vocabulary words.

“We feel that Harry Pierre & PeTunia fill a niche in the market where parents crave warmer, cuddly, respectful, fun characters that offer communication and social behavioral skills, and academics and art enrichment, for their young children,” said Debbie Caldwell, President, CEO of CRS. “After watching the market offerings, listening to parents and teachers over the years and raising our own children, I feel the team at CRS, which includes two mothers and one father, are giving parents a key entertainment and development asset.”