The Broad Perspective

Designer Genes

September 21, 2017

This Friday on The Broad Perspective join host Vivian Komori, Greg Barnes, Joe Borror and Laura Feliz as they discuss:


Does the ability to fix genetic defects in our children force upon us the responsibility to do so?

Social Engineering?

If genetic fixes for severe diseases are shown to be safe and effective, would small or large enhancements accompanying the fixes be acceptable or not?

Would this create a genetic world of haves and have-nots?

Will this create a competitive scenario for the best designer baby?


The fallout from Harvey and Irma and the 8.1 earthquake in Mexico has a very far-reaching impact on our economy. 

Will it also effect the world's finances?

QE (Quantitative Easing, the printing of money) is in hyperdrive.

The Petro-dollar is changing. 

A new Oil train is being formed.  "Oil, Yuan, Gold".  How will this effect the dollar?