The Broad Perspective

I.J. (Jared Rosen), “Drowning in the Light” Memories of the New Age

July 7, 2016

This Friday on The Broad Perspective join host, Vivian Komori and Dr. Ronni Di Giovanni as they speak with 

Jared Rosen, author


I.J. (Jared) Rosen was born in Brooklyn in the 1950's.  Destined to live the life  of
the artisthe moved to lower Manhattan in the late seventies and began showing
in galleries and performing in underground clubs in Soho and Tribeca.  After leaving
the art world, the author pursued his quest of spiritual knowledge.  From shamanic
initiations in Peru with a traditional medicine man, to receiving a Masters
degree in art therapy - Rosen delved deeper into his own psyche.  Pushing the
envelope he introduced his own form of guided imagery and self-expression
into psychiatric hospitals with populations ranging from children to the
criminally insane.

On the other side, he developed and taught Whole Self Management programs
to Executives, and Executive coaches in the U.S. and Australia.  I.J. Rosen
is the co-author to the book Inner Security and Infinite Wealth
(Select Books 2003) and the critically acclaimed book The Flip.
(Hampton Roads 2006).  As a publisher and founder of DreamSculpt Media, Inc
Rosen has produced dozens of digital media e-books for best selling authors,
film producers and media channels as well as presented at venues ranging from the
Common Wealth Club in San Francisco to TED X in Malibu CA.  He lives in
Sonoma Wine Country with his wife.