The Broad Perspective

Leslie Sloane part 1, Auracle: a Simple Guide to A Personal Awakening.

April 20, 2015

Leslie is a Master Healer who uses multi-dimensional frequencies of Colour and Sound, to inspire higher quality of life and personal balance through Loving states of consciousness, thoughts, words and actions. Her unique gift has helped thousands of people Awaken to their True Nature, and infinite possibilities of Abundance, through Spiritual Alignment. As an Auracle, she has been offering private healing sessions and conducting workshops since 1994 using Colour Therapy.

In 2005, Leslie founded Auracle’s Colour Therapy and created twenty-five liquid healing Colours, which later evolved into the foundational work for what is now the Auracle Healing Deck. Leslie also journeyed to Egypt to finish her first book, “The Power of Love Through Colour”, which was published in 2007. Leslie returned to Egypt for the third time in October of 2014 to receive clearer visions and deeper insights about her Soul Purpose, which has always been to teach others to connect to their Authentic Selves so they may live Happily, Freely and Passionately.

 “Living life as Iridescent beings will not only bring healing to ourselves, but to our entire planet.”