The Broad Perspective

The Isle of Man Moraceae Pt. II

August 3, 2017


This Friday on The Broad Perspective join host, Vivian Komori,  Greg Barnes and Laura Feliz as the speak with:

Ian-James Clanton,  H.M. The Sole King of Moraceae  Part II

Architectural and social theorist,

The Isle of Man

The history and lore of this fascinating island and more about...


How Society Will Live in the Future

H. M. Began his first degree at just 13 and now hold advanced degrees in Architecture, Anthropology, Ecological Design, Environmental Policy, Human Geography, Planetary Science and History.

His particular focus is in the fields of Urban and Ecological Design, Human Settlements, Phenomenology, Planetary Sciences, Origin Mythology and Science Fiction.  As an author, scientist and designer, he draws upon a rich interdisciplinary background to prototype scenarios for the future of human habitation both on and beyond planet Earth.  

Alongside his academic research, H.M. is heavily engaged with the commissioning of numerous innovation projects which together culminate the creation of a new ocean jurisdiction, dedicated to pioneering innovations in planetary science.

A Doctoral Researcher in Architectural Theory and History at the University of Reading.  H.M. has significant expertise in "Green Building" practice, having completed Doctoral research with the Royal Holloway University of London.



CONSTRUCTED for ocean dwelling, Moraceae's E.G.G (Ecological Geophysical Galleon) will be the most advanced habitation system on the planet, capable of circumnavigating Earth and conducting pioneering research into planetary science and Climate Change.


Similar to the International Space Station, Moraceae will serve as “commons” and begin to create a new planetary society beyond borders, unifying the human species around common causes.