The Broad Perspective

(What is) The True Nature of Living

April 24, 2018

This Friday on The Broad Perspective join host Vivian Komori, Kevin Lawson, Laura Feliz and Greg Barnes as the discuss:

(What is) The True Nature of Living?


The pressure to remain fit, slim and in control of one’s body does not subside with the end of youth ---

it grows only more insistent as one grows older…….

The price of survival is endless toil. – Barbara Ehrenreich, Running to the Grave, Harpers Magazine (March 2018)

Jeanne Louise Calment, a Frenchwoman who died in 1997 at the age of 122 – (the longest confirmed life span on record) never worked in her life, but it could be said she worked out.  She and her wealthy husband enjoyed tennis, swimming fencing, hunting, and mountaineering.  Anyone looking for dietary tips will be disappointed, Calment liked beef, fried foods, chocolate and pound cake.

 And she smoked cigarettes and sometimes cigars (she did however have a persistent cough in her later years).


What matters more the quality of your life or the quantity of your life?

Does healthy aging constitute a rich life?

Do good health habits guarantee longevity?

Are the latest “longevity” and “anti-aging” products selling self-absorption?



The social credit score in China.

Facial recognition.

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